In 2019 a group of homeowners from the eastern end of Lake Lemon formed an Environmental Cooperative to assess the potential for a community sewer and wastewater treatment system to reduce sewage contamination in Lake Lemon.   The Environmental Cooperative initially studied a dense population area on the south eastern shore of the lake and hired an engineering firm to develop rough costs estimates for sewer collection and treatment.  In 2020, the Environmental Cooperative approached the Brown County Regional Sewer District to assist in further developing an economically viable, full scale project.

 The Lake Lemon Preliminary Assessment project is utilizing the preliminary engineering work of both the Environmental Cooperative and the Home Town Engineering RAP study.  A community Survey has been initiated to assess the community interest in developing a sewer collection and treatment system to replace on-site septic tanks.  The Community Interest Survey is presented below for property owners around the lake.  The survey can be completed and mailed to the Indiana Rural Community Assistance Program. A utility planning grant from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) is currently under development to prepare a more comprehensive Preliminary Engineering Report for the northern shore, southern shore and eastern end of Lake Lemon.